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40ft's GALORE!  $3,950 + GST
Perfect for Forklifting into!
40ft shipping containers $3,950 +GST
BRAND NEW 20FT $3,950 + GST
Easy Access! Double doors!
Open top 40fts $1,900 + GST

We have in stock ready to go a variety of shipping containers in different sizes, styles, condition & price. We are honestly letting them go for as cheap as we can.

* BRAND NEW 20ft's here in stock in white, beige & blue. We can also order them in any other colour.

* 40ft GALORE! We have in stock ready to go used 40" in every colour including beige, blue, dusty red & olive (nice light green). We have over a dozen to pick & choose.  

* SIDE OPENING CONTAINERS - new & used. If you need unlimited access for forklifts etc we have for sale 20ft side openers. They are THE ULTIMATE!! We LOVE ours and they are the go! They are a bit dearer but they are so handy and save so much time. 

* OPEN TOP 40ft shipping containers. Open top shipping containers are capable of being loaded from above and are perfect for over-sized or awkward-shaped cargo. They can be covered easily with just a tarpauline or a removable hard top roof. Open top shipping containers can also be used as waste or scrap metal bins. We have 3 here ready to go. 

* DOUBLED DOOR 20ft & 40ft (door both ends)

* USED 20ft's  We don't stock the true cheap and nasty as they cause so much trouble later (rust, leaking, doors hard to shut etc).  We have great condition ones.  Sometimes you get what you pay for.  If you buy a rough cheapie, expect a short toublesome container life. 

* WORKSHOPS in 20ft & 40ft. Floor to ceiling shelves, lights, power packs internal & external, workbenches, some even have air-con!   

Feel welcome to arrange to have a look. EVERYTHING PRICED TO SELL! Give us a call, we do deals! They are selling quick!


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