We are a major mining surplus distributor and we send electrical cable Australia wide. We pride ourselves in only selling quality cable of mining and industrial standard. All our cable is manufactured by either Nexans Olex Australia, Prysmian Group Australia or General Cable Australia. We do not stock cheap Chinese stuff.


We price competitively to achieve high volume turn over. We are quite confident in saying we are the cheapest in Australia for quality cable!  In stock we have cable suitable for everything from the modest little bore pump to major corporate installations.


Prices per metre 240v- 4mm-$1.80, 6mm - $2, 10mm- $3, 16mm-$5, 25mm-$7, 35mm-$10, 70mm-$17, 90mm-$22, 120mm-$30, 185mm-$45, 240mm-$60


3 PHASE- 2.5mm-$3, 4mm-$4, 16mm-$10, 25mm-$15, 35mm- $20, 50mm-$25, 70mm-$35, 95mm-$50, 185mm- $85

Single core- 50mm-$5, 95mm -$10, 240mm -$30, 300mm -$40


We also have 3 core & earth.


Aluminium single core. Due to large quantities we must clear!

120mm - Now $3.50 per metre 

185mm - Now $5 per metre


We have SWA (steel wired armoured) & un-armoured rolls for the same cheap price. With armoured cable just direct bury. No conduit needed.


With us you can choose any amount you need! We sell our cable in any length and almost every size! Our reel-o-matic cable roller clocks the meterage and re-rolls onto a new reel ready to go. Too easy.   Our busy Goondiwindi Removals truck travels most places and if we are travelling through we are happy to drop off free!  😊




Geoff & Yvette McSharry

Goondiwindi Removals

84 Gunn Street

Goondiwindi 4390




We stock heavy duty, re-usable boxes in both the book/wine & large standard sizes.



We have small & large bundles of packing paper, heavy-duty tape & guns also rolls of bubble wrap

OFFICE - 07 46713 504
GEOFF - 0428 457 518 
YVETTE - 0457 300 313

* Electrical Cable New, 240v & 3 phase
* Power boxes from small to massive
* Floodlights and fluros. Portable 400w floodlights with leads

* Spinefex distribution boards 16 & 17's
* Shipping Containers - 20ft, 40ft, Open toppers, side openers, new, used
* Wide range of new boxed electrical accessories in bulk quantities
* Electrical cable glands new
* GRE fibreglass piping
* Steel piping
* Corporate office furniture
* Welding gear

* Wheelbarrows, ladders

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