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We are thrilled to announce that our new storage facility has been approved! It will be at the front of our home and business at 84 Gunn Street and we are soon commencing landscaping and set-up. This has been our dream and been in the pipeline for many years and we are so happy and excited that it is finally a goer!

With this and our new containerised equipment this gives the people we move of Goondiwindi the option of when they would like to unload at no extra cost. We can just place their container directly into storage until they are ready. Some people just need an extra day others need much longer. This will save heaps in unloading and reloading their furniture and we know people are going to just love having this choice! We will also have available plenty of self-storage containers.

We would like to thank our long time friend Bruce Cameron from Proterra Group for his beautiful design and work. We'd also like to thank the councillors at the Goondiwindi Regional Council for the opportunity.

YAY! 😅 Geoff and Yvette McSharry Danah-Lee, Brad, Myles and Miabella

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