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What an Awesome Club in Our Awesome Town!!

A massive congratulations to the Goondiwindi Boars. All 5 age divisions made it to the grand final with 3 of them winning and taking out the premiership!

We were there cheering on our son and we couldn't get over the incredible turnout! Countless Gundy families travelled to Warwick today to cheer these little men on. The oval was surrounded with supporters in the trademark blue & maroon. Everywhere there was clapping, cheering and faces beaming with pride watching these boys come together and play so fine. It was an amazing experience just to be there.

A big shout out to the coaches, sponsors and all the people helping who have given so much to help these boys rise to the top. What kind & generous people you are! We're sure these boys have learnt more than football. It certainly has built up their confidence & self esteem, helped their motivation & showed them importance of working together.

Thank you again and we'd just like to shout out one last time for today "GO BOARS"!!

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